About Zambia

Zambia is a land-locked country about the size of Texas.  Located in sub-Saharan Africa, Zambia was known as Northern Rhodesia until 1964.  According to Unicef, there are slightly less than 14,000,000 people who live in Zambia.  The median age is 17 years, and 46% of Zambians are under the age of 14 years.  Only 2.5% of Zambians are over 65. 

HIV AIDS has taken a terrible toll on the nation of Zambia, contributing to a life expectancy of just 49 years (compared to 78 years in the US).  There are 970,000 people living with AIDS, and an average of 45,000 people die from the disease each year.  There are an estimated 1.2 million orphans in Zambia.  

Zambia is considered one of the poorest nations in the world, with 68% of Zambians living below the internationally accepted poverty rate.  Only 3.2 % of households have access to electricity, and only 46% have access to safe drinking water in rural areas.  

The average Zambian child’s education lasts just seven years, and the Zambian government spends just 2% of the GDP on education.

Sources:  Unicef, 2011, CIA Facts