Special Needs Classroom

Your help can make it a reality!


A sad truth about life in Zambia is that most children with special needs don’t have schooling available to them, even when their parents and caregivers desperately want it for them. The Haven personnel have felt that frustration with some of their babies and children with special needs. Donors and staff have worked together to find ways to have proper interventions to help these kids thrive, but the same opportunities are not available for many families in the community.

The dream is to give Haven kids with special needs AND kids in the community access to the educational resources they deserve. Namwianga Basic School (Pre-K through grade 9) is just a short distance from the Haven. The school has two trained special education teachers who would love to work with these special needs children—if they had appropriate classrooms.

Construction is underway at Namwianga Basic School on those classrooms right now. The classroom block will include two classrooms and an accessible restroom. Completing the building and equipping it will require an additional $30,000.

We need your help! Please donate generously to make the special needs classroom a reality.