Food Relief Efforts

“I was hungry, and you fed me.” The words of Jesus in Matthew 25 echo in the minds and hearts of those who are touched by the need for food relief in Zambia.

Drought Brings Hunger, Desperation

April is normally harvest month in Zambia. Farmers are usually harvesting crops and storing grain for the coming months. But this year farmers are walking through dusty fields of dried up stalks of maize and wondering how they will feed their families.

Zambia’s rainy season begins in November and ends in April. During these months, fields are plowed, seed is sown, the rains come, and the maize grows. Most families depend on the maize crops for daily food and as a source of cash for other necessities. But this season the rains did not come. Southern Zambia recorded the lowest seasonal rainfall in 46 years. This year there is little or nothing to eat and nothing to sell for cash.

Namwianga leaders are already hearing reports of hunger and desperation. Villagers in drought-stricken communities are surviving on roots and wild tree fruits. Thousands of lives are adversely affected by the lack of food and clean water.

Namwianga leaders are mobilizing resources to assist families and communities. Relief efforts will include purchasing and distributing food to needy communities, providing fresh water, and promoting drip irrigation gardening.

The severity of this drought means that relief efforts will be long-term and costly. You can ease the suffering of hungry and desperate Zambians by donating generously.