Women's Wellness Initiative

Join our efforts to save lives through free cervical cancer screenings at Namwianga Mission.


Why? Every woman Screened

Women in Zambia do not have access to preventative screening. A woman is limited by distance and funds. This means a woman will not get screened unless she has symptoms, and often not even then. By then, it is too late.

In 2015, two of our nurses were trained to do cervical cancer screenings. Until NZHC became certified to offer these screenings, for most of the women in the area, there was no hope of being screened. The next step is to finish our surgical center. 

The surgical center will allow us to treat cervical cancer in addition to conducting screening, and will allow us to serve women through hysterectomies, and c-sections which allows us to save more lives. 

The ability to provide free screening means that not only are we able to prevent deaths by catching precancerous cells before they have the chance to develop into cancer, but every woman screened receives spiritual counseling and teaching that changes the social perceptions about cancer. 

How can you help?

Buy a Necklace

For $65 you can provide up to 15 women with the hope of preventative screening. Help us purchase supplies and provide free cervical cancer screenings.

Wear the Necklace

To show that you have joined the fight, and use the conversations that it will start to grow a circle, and empower Zambian women to be responsible for the physical and spiritual well-being of their families. 


Help provide us with the ability to continue our work providing thousands of Zambians with free medical attention by donating to Namwianga Zonal Health Centre today.