Zambia Mission Fund oversees the work of Namwianga Mission, a 6,000-acre center for education, evangelism, and humanitarian aid in the Southern Province of Zambia.  Namwianga is home to George Benson Christian College of Education, Namwianga Christian Secondary School, Namwianga Zonal Health Center, Namwianga Christian Radio, Zambia Medical Mission, and The Haven In-Home Orphan Care. Zambia Mission and Namwianga are affiliated with the Churches of Christ.

Food Relief Efforts

Day after day the people who live in and around Namwianga Mission scan the skies looking for signs of rain.  For two years they have seen empty skies as their crops failed.  Last year some areas did receive rain, but at the wrong times.  Farmers planted and replanted—some as many as three times—only to watch their crops shrivel and die.  Now the region is entering its third consecutive year of drought.  Authorities estimate that there has been a 60% crop failure this year.  Subsistence farmers in rural villages depend on their crops to feed their families, and once again they face the prospect of hunger... 

Harding University's Physical Therapy Program recently completed a week of service and training at Namwianga.

The 36 students and instructors conducted three days of clinics and did two days of training sessions. They also spent two days doing food relief. Ellie Hamby reports that the group made "a significant impact on the health of the community."