Help us Give Medicine to the Sick & Needy in Remote Rural Areas of Zambia

Last year our team saw 15,000 patients in six days of clinics, and we expect to see at least that many this year. The patients will arrive on foot, in oxcarts, on bicycles, or carried in the arms of their loved ones. Each patient will filter through the medical, dental, optical, lab, or first aid areas, and in the end most of them will end up at our pharmacy to receive medicine.

We still need over $45,000 to cover the cost of our medicine for this year, and we are asking for your help. We work diligently to get the best possible prices for our medicine so that we can serve every single patient. In recent years our costs have increased significantly because the Zambian government requires all the medication we dispense to be long-dated. We plan to continue our program that provides cataract surgery for the many patients who are losing or have lost their sight.

We will also continue to offer cervical cancer screening, as we have done for the last two years. The screening program is saving lives as well as giving us the opportunity to share Jesus with many women and families. Our goal in all of our efforts is to meet the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs of the people we serve.

It is impossible to describe the joy on a mother’s face when she walks away, baby on her back, clutching medicine that she knows will help her child get better. The good medical care and medicine that we take for granted is not available to those who live in rural Zambia. We are the only hope most of these patients have for medical care or medicines, and without the Zambia Medical Mission many would resort to traditional healers (witch doctors).

Please consider donating generously for the medicines that will bring hope and healing in the name of Jesus to thousands of needy Zambians.