What we do:

When a mother dies, a child suffers.  When a mother dies in a remote area of Zambia, her child’s suffering may be physical and even fatal.  Namwianga Mission is committed to helping orphans to survive and thrive.  

The first line of defense for babies who have lost a mother is the Milk Program.  Namwianga provides formula to over 50 children who have families that can care for them and just need help providing formula.  

For babies who do not have a family member to help or who are from villages where there is no clean water source for formula preparation, Namwianga Mission provides loving in-home orphan care at The Haven.  Each one of the four homes in The Haven operates in a family model with a set of house parents and 15 children.  Caregivers called Aunties love the children like their own and give amazing tender care to each child. Each house has a specific name and purpose:   Haven I is for infants, Haven 2 is designed for toddlers, Haven 3 cares for children with medical needs, and Eric’s House is the place for older boys and street boys.    

Babies who come to live at Namwianga usually stay until they are two years old.  Experience and research have shown that an orphaned child who makes it to age two has a very good chance of surviving into adulthood.  Although the goal is to reunite families when the child is two, there are situations where this is not possible.  In that case, the child will remain at Namwianga until a placement can be made with a family member or adoptive family.  In rare cases the child may remain at Namwianga indefinitely.  

Babies at Namwianga get daily massage, language class, and play time.  Since the goal is to return children to their families, the diet, style of play, language, and dress are all intentional so that the children will be able to transition as seamlessly as possible to life back at home.  

We continue to make visits to our children who have returned home to ensure they are safe, adjusting well, and are being taken care of in their current environment.  We try to maintain relationships with the families as the children grow.  Namwianga’s Evangelism and Spiritual Growth team looks for ways to partner with the orphanages in an effort to reach families with the gospel.  

How you can help:

  1. Provide funds to purchase formula for the Milk Fund. It costs $40,000 per year to provide enough formula for the babies in the orphanages and in the Milk Program.

  2. Sponsor an orphan at Namwianga. It costs $150 per month to provide for all the physical and medical needs of a child. We also encourage half sponsorships of $75 per month. The need is greatest for the older boys at Eric’s House, so if you can meet that need, please give generously. Sponsors receive photos and updates about the children they are sponsoring.

  3. Buy a goat for a Haven Family. 
    The Haven Goat Program provides each child with a female goat upon reunification with family. The goat is used to start a small herd of goats that can be sold to pay for yearly school fees. On average, one goat costs $20.