The Need

Zambia is one of the poorest nations in the world. Most people in rural areas make a living by subsistence farming and have very little cash resources.  Education is not free beyond the seventh grade.  And because of AIDS and poor health care, there are hundreds of thousands of orphans who have no one to pay for their school expenses. Without an education, children and young adults have few options for breaking the cycle of poverty.  


The US Sponsorship Program matches donors from the US with needy students at Namwianga Christian Secondary School and George Benson Christian College. Donor funds enable the students to go to school.

  • Namwianga Christian Secondary School offers a comprehensive program for grades 8-12. Most students board at the school. A well-rounded curriculum provides strong academics, Biblical foundations, and Christian leadership training.
  • Students at George Benson Christian College of Education (GBCCE) earn government certification to become public school teachers in mathematics, English, religious education, civics, computers, and history.  Students also take Bible classes and are involved in outreaches and ministry training.  The expectation of our sponsored students is that they will become self-supporting church planters, evangelists, and church leaders.  Very few local congregations in Zambia can support a full-time preacher, but our GBCC graduates work in communities all over Zambia, supporting themselves as teachers while they establish and strengthen local churches.  In the past 20 years, GBCC graduates have planted over 200 congregations.   

Our one-year Christian Leadership Development Program provides intensive training in Bible and ministry to prepare high school graduates for further studies at GBCCE.  

How Sponsorship Works

Sponsors provide monthly or annual support that pays for school fees and boarding expenses.

  • Each sponsor receives a photo and biographical information on the sponsored student.
  • Students write to their sponsors three times a year.
  • Sponsors receive a periodic newsletter about the sponsorship program.

Sponsorship Cost

  • $160 per month or $1920 per year sponsors a high school student.
  • $170 per month or $2040 per year sponsors a college student.
  • One-time donations of any amount and partial sponsorships of $20 or more per month are welcome.


  • Monthly sponsorship for
    a high school student
  • One-time donation for
    a high school student
  • Monthly sponsorship for
    a college student
  • One-time donation for
    a college student

Contact the sponsorship coordinator

Linda Gregersen: