The Need for Fresh Water

The availability of water impacts every aspect of what we do at Namwianga, but it especially impacts the pupils in our schools.   They rely on our water sources to be able to have water to drink, to bathe, and to wash their clothes.  Through the years we have dug water wells and built dams in order to supply this need, but we still struggle with having an adequate water supply. We recently raised funds to build a pipeline from our newest dam. The response was excellent, and we were able to complete the pipeline.  This has helped with the problem, but in Southern Zambia water has always been a challenge.    Our current infrastructure needs updating to help us in the conservation of the water sources we have.

Southern Zambia often experiences years of drought.  Even in good years, it is a daily and common sight to see women carrying containers of water.  In most rural villages every day must begin with a trek to find water.  For the lucky villagers, there will be a hand pump in the community.  For the less fortunate the walk can be long, and the water source may be contaminated pond water.  We are a large community at Namwianga Mission, and we have had a positive impact on the entire country of Zambia, but being without water causes us to have to focus on the mundane task of simple sanitation and water security.  Our humanitarian aid to others, our ability to plant churches, and our ability to create Christian leaders is diminished.  The lack of water impacts everything we do.

Namwianga has looked beyond the Mission's own needs to build water wells in villages where there is no access to potable water.  These wells cost about $6000 to build.  The southern area of Zambia is built on a granite base, and this makes drilling a well an expensive project.  Through generous donations, we have been able to drill wells and provide lifesaving water to thousands of Zambians.

We are currently working on a filtration system, water holding tanks, and replacing old pipelines.  As in all our projects, we are asking our donors to assist with these needs.   Helping us with our water situation helps us secure our future at Namwianga Mission.