Food Relief Efforts

Your generosity can feed the hungry

food relief photo Two-year drought ravages Southern Province

Zambia’s Southern Province suffered a devastating drought in 2018-2019. The area recorded the lowest seasonal rainfall since 1981. Most rural families rely on maize crops for food and as a source of cash. The drought destroyed the crops and also dried up existing surface water sources.

Residents survived on roots and wild tree fruits—or they suffered from hunger. In communities without water wells, villagers had to travel farther and farther to find water. The water was often collected from polluted streams and ponds that animals also used.

Zambia Mission Fund mobilized the resources at Namwianga Mission to coordinate a massive relief effort that delivered food to thousands of communities in southern Zambia. Donor funds were used to purchase, transport and distribute tons of mealie meal, the ground maize that is the diet staple for Zambians. More than 160,000 people were fed through these efforts in 2020.

Another initiative helped villages establish community gardens. Villagers learned how to build raised garden beds and implement drip irrigation methods so that gardens can flourish even in drought conditions.

The 2020 rainy season brought welcome rains for most of southern Zambia, and many areas harvested plentiful crops. However, the Gwembe Valley, an area south and east of Namwianga Mission, suffered yet another season of poor rainfall. Gwembe Valley residents are still suffering from hunger and the loss of farming income.

Food relief efforts continue in the Gwembe Valley and will be ongoing until the area is once again producing crops. In addition to mealie meal, Namwianga’s relief team is also distributing seeds so that farmers can plant for the next growing season.

You can prevent hunger and ease the suffering of desperate Zambians by donating generously to fund food relief efforts.

Zambia Mission fund is also providing clean water to areas affected by the drought.