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Medical Mission in 2021?

We are uncertain about the future of Zambia Medical Mission for 2021. At the present time, there is a surge of COVID-19 cases in Zambia. The government has imposed a 2-hour time limit on gatherings, and that would make it impractical to do the type of medical missions we have done in the past.

We are still evaluating all the options. A shipping container of medical supplies and other materials is now on its way to Zambia. The contents will be distributed and used whether or not Americans are able to be there for a medical mission.

We appreciate your patience and prayers as we consider the best way to serve the people of Zambia in 2021.


Zambia Medical Mission is a program designed to provide medical and spiritual help to needy people in rural Zambia. Each July American medical personnel and support staff join with Zambian medical personnel and support staff to conduct clinics at various villages in the Zambian bush. For six days, these clinics offer medical, dental, and wound care, as well as optometry, physical therapy, and lab services. A mobile pharmacy serves the needs of those who come, and spiritual counseling and Bible studies address the spiritual needs of patients. Children learn in the children’s program with singing and Bible stories while their parents wait for medical care.


The 2019 Zambia Medical Mission team conducted six days of clinics at three remote rural sites in southern Zambia. More than 12,000 patients were treated during the clinics, receiving medical, optical, dental, and wound care. Those needing cataract surgery were transported back to Namwianga and treated there. Other patients who could not be treated in the ZMM clinics were referred to other health facilities. Spiritual counseling and Bible studies were offered to all who came, and 89 souls were baptized into Christ during the medical mission.


The Zambia Medical Mission team travels out from Namwianga Mission to rural villages in Zambia’s Southern Province and sets up clinics that operate for one or two days at a time. Communities selected as clinic sites are in remote areas that do not have local medical, dental, and optometric care available. The ZMM team also considers conducting clinics in areas where the church needs encouragement or even in a new area that has not been reached with the gospel.


The Zambia Medical Mission started in 1994. The late Dr. Kelly Hamby and his wife, Eleanor, and the late Dr. John Estes, Jr. and his wife, June, conducted the first medical mission under trees in the Zambian bush. Drs. Richard and Angie Prather were also part of this early effort. Our 25th anniversary of the medical mission to Zambia will be in 2019 and we are excited about this milestone.

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