The Radio Station

Namwianga Christian Radio Station (90.5) offers a variety of programs in both Tonga and English. Listeners tune in to hear music, Bible reading, preaching, news, and informational programs about health, education, and Christian family life.

Radio broadcasting is a key form of communication in Zambia, as most villagers do not have access to TV. Entire families and villages will gather around a radio to hear news, programming, and entertainment. Because of this, the Namwianga radio station is an effective tool for sharing the gospel with listeners. Recently a married couple called in after listening to a program on marriage. They reported that they had been planning to divorce, but because of what they heard on the radio they decided to stay together. Similar responses provide evidence that the radio station is changing lives by communicating the gospel message.

radio photo

radio photo

Support Needed

Electricity goes off frequently in Zambia. When that happens, the number of potential radio listeners increases because most people use a battery operated radio. To take advantage of this listener base, Namwianga radio station needs a strong solar power system to continue broadcasting when the electricity goes off. The current solar system is inadequate, and we need about $10,000 to increase the power of the setup so that all the equipment can work even when there is no electricity.

Housing the radio station is another challenge. Right now the radio station operates from a converted shipping container. A new facility is being built and is up to roof level. The new building will require an additional $9000 to be completed and operational.

The potential for the radio station is limitless. Please use the link below if you would like to make a donation.