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Sponsored Grads Start New Congregation


Every Sunday morning Jack Sibulwakabi and Chimuka Sikoswe arrange their small living room in Kananga, Zambia, to prepare for the church service they will host. They’ve only lived here since late January, but already there are 15 friends, neighbors and students who attend.

Chimuka (blue shirt) and Jack (black jacket) finished their college coursework at GBCC on Dec. 30 and were on their way to Kananga just three weeks later. Kananga is in Zambia’s Northwestern Province near the Republic of the Congo border, and a two-day drive from Namwianga Mission. They are teachers at Kananga Primary School. Both teach 8th and 9th graders. Jack teaches English and computer studies. Chimuka teaches math and social studies. But their ultimate goal is to teach more than academics: they want to spread the gospel and bring more souls to Christ.

Jack explained the efforts they have made to start and expand a congregation. “We make new friends and invite them to church. We invite our kids at school to join us,” he said. And they serve the community by holding academic prep classes for students in their living room. They also do chores for the elderly. “This gives us the opportunity to talk to them about God,” he said.

Jack credits their training at Namwianga with helping them know how to come into a new community and start a church. “We were taught different methods of evangelism. This has been really helpful in achieving our goals.”

Jack and Chimuka were sponsored students at GBCC. In the past 25 years, graduates have started more than 200 congregations in all parts of Zambia. Find out more about sponsorship HERE.


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