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A Message from Dr. Stephen Chanda, Chief Medical Officer at Namwianga Mission Hospital

Every day I see the ways that Namwianga Mission Hospital (NMH) saves lives and changes lives.

One little boy’s story gives you a glimpse of the life-changing work at NMH. Three-year-old Justin broke his leg while playing with friends. His fractured right leg dangled from his hip and thigh. When his grandmother saw him, her first thought was, “Oh, no, he may never walk again!” She brought him to us at NMH. An X-ray showed a fractured thighbone (femur), with the two sections of broken bone parallel to each other.

We put Justin’s leg in traction. For four weeks Justin’s broken leg was elevated and stretched while the broken bone slowly moved back into place. Grandmother stayed by his side at the hospital. Our nurses and staff paid close attention to both of them. “They prayed for Justin and encouraged us that he was going to be well again,” she said. I was delighted to hold Justin’s hand on the day he was dismissed from the hospital. Now Justin runs and plays like any other child.

Justin’s life was changed—his mobility was restored—because of the loving care he received at Namwianga Mission Hospital. And that care is possible because of compassionate donors like YOU who care and give generously to fund our work.

We need your help to continue saving lives and changing lives in 2022. We—and our patients—rely on your financial gifts to support the hospital’s ministry. Your generosity enables NMH to offer compassionate, quality care in the name of Jesus—at no charge to our patients.

If you respond NOW, your donation could have a DOUBLE impact. Generous supporters will match the first $50,000 that is donated by Sept. 30.

Please help Namwianga Mission Hospital change lives and save lives today.

Donate to the Hospital

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Zambia Mission Fund oversees the work of Namwianga Mission, a 6,000-acre center for education, evangelism, and humanitarian aid in the Southern Province of Zambia. Namwianga is home to George Benson Christian College of Education, Namwianga Christian Secondary School, Namwianga Mission Hospital, Namwianga Christian Radio, Zambia Medical Mission, and The Haven In-Home Orphan Care. Zambia Mission and Namwianga are affiliated with the Churches of Christ.

"Now he who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will also supply and increase your store of seed and will enlarge the harvest of your righteousness."

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