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Responding to COVID-19

Namwianga’s preventive measures aim to prevent outbreak

Cases of COVID-19 in Zambia are climbing steadily. Most of the outbreaks are concentrated in the capital city of Lusaka and areas in the northern part of the country. Kalomo District where Namwianga is located has been spared so far. No one associated with Namwianga has contracted the disease, and Namwianga leaders are doing everything possible to avoid any cases. Hand washing stations are set up outside each office and building. Mission staff members are prohibited from traveling to large cities. Masks are available, and social distancing is encouraged.

Namwianga Mission Hospital set up an outdoor triage area to screen all incoming patients. Hospital staff members have been trained extensively in COVID-19 response protocols. Dr. Stephen Chanda and a team from the hospital are disseminating information throughout the schools, college and community through meetings and media. Namwianga Christian Radio offers regular updates and informational programs about COVID-19 and prevention.

One of the Namwianga community’s first responses to the coronavirus threat was fervent prayer, reported Education Secretary John Simuuba. “Before the government required churches to stop meeting, churches gathered to pray for protection from COVID-19. Now the prayers continue as families and small groups meet privately in homes for worship and Bible study,” he said. Namwianga Christian Radio broadcasts sermons on Sunday, and listeners have responded with enthusiasm.

COVID-19 Affects School and College

The Ministry of Education in Zambia closed all schools and colleges on March 20, three weeks ahead of a scheduled four-week break between terms. Secondary school and college students at Namwianga Mission were provided assignments and resources to complete their Term 1 coursework at home.

Administrators and teachers at the secondary school and college immediately began making contingency plans for students to continue their educations. Zambian schools are not expected to reopen for all students in the near future, but the government has directed that some grades and some college years should begin on-site learning. Grades 9 and 12 returned to campus for Term 2 on June 1. Namwianga Secondary followed government guidelines in preparing for the opening to ensure the health and safety of all students. The college plans to open for students in their graduating year later in June and is making all appropriate preparations.

The secondary school and college are moving forward to continue educating the other grade levels and other college students by distance learning. Classes will be available in online formats. Coursework is printed out for students who live in remote rural areas without Internet access. The Mission has established set locations where students can pick up and drop off their coursework.

Some secondary students in remote areas have had a special kind of lesson delivery. Rajiv Siamweela, Assistant Sponsorship Coordinator at Namwianga Mission, used a motorbike to deliver Term 2 coursework, textbooks and World Bible School lessons to sponsored secondary students who live in remote rural areas without internet access. He met individually with each student to explain the requirements and to arrange for picking up the completed lessons.

About Our Organization

Zambia Mission Fund oversees the work of Namwianga Mission, a 6,000-acre center for education, evangelism, and humanitarian aid in the Southern Province of Zambia. Namwianga is home to George Benson Christian College of Education, Namwianga Christian Secondary School, Namwianga Zonal Health Center, Namwianga Christian Radio, Zambia Medical Mission, and The Haven In-Home Orphan Care. Zambia Mission and Namwianga are affiliated with the Churches of Christ.

"Now he who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will also supply and increase your store of seed and will enlarge the harvest of your righteousness."

— 2 Corinthians 9:8 —


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