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A Report from Drought-stricken Southern Zambia:

“The truth is that Zambia is starving.”


Food Relief Coordinator Wilson Siazilo sent this report of conditions in the Gwembe Valley in Zambia’s Southern Province:

Last weekend four of us went to Nyanga for the gospel meeting. We knew this is one place known for severe hunger. I was broken within myself to meet people living in such harsh conditions yet still holding on to Christ. Amen! Thirty-nine congregations assembled at Nyanga. About 1,100 people were in attendance.

During our time there, we visited with a number of people who spoke one thing: that they were starving to death. Their gardens were all dried up due to lack of water. I took several pictures of dead streams. No sign of water anywhere. We saw few cattle around. This is a bad sign because cattle are one source of income. Some women brought chicken for sale. Those chickens were paper-weight I mean just few bones bound together with threads of muscles.

Most of the streams that normally around September would still have pools of water are so dried that you cannot think they ever had water in them. In spite of failure by our government to declare Zambia as hunger-stricken country for the world to come to our aid, the truth is that Zambia is starving.

God is good and gracious. In the middle of such tribulations 41 people heard the word and were pierced in their hearts and accepted Christ as their personal savior through baptism. Seventy-five were restored back into the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus. Great work is really going on there.

On our way back to Kalomo, we found people selling wild fruits. We stopped by to buy some of those fruits, not that we cherish them but that we help out a little. I wish my voice would be heard to the world to help out the situation because what I saw is just in a matter of time, lives will be lost to starvation.

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