Zambia Mission Fund oversees the work of Namwianga Mission, a 6,000-acre center for education, evangelism, and humanitarian aid in the Southern Province of Zambia.  Namwianga is home to George Benson Christian College of Education, Namwianga Christian Secondary School, Namwianga Zonal Health Center, Namwianga Christian Radio, Zambia Medical Mission, and The Haven In-Home Orphan Care. Zambia Mission and Namwianga are affiliated with the Churches of Christ.


Cindy Robinson Report:
Dear Lovers of Jesus,

"The thief comes to kill, steal, and destroy," says Jesus. "The devil prowls about like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour," warns Peter.  Satan himself admits that he roams about the earth and he insinuates that he enjoys harming and destroying people.
The "thief" around Namwianga here in Zambia doesn't care who/what he damages and everyone's area is a free for all.  He roams Namwianga at night and does his damage.  He enters at the weak spot of the fence.  He leaves his footprints all around the houses.  This thief is a thousand-pound white Brahma lone bull that loves to destroy fences and ravish everything in his path.
Not too long ago that bull broke down the weak part of my fence and trampled my baby rape and mustard plants; he ate my baby avocado tree and what he didn't eat, he trounced down leaving the rest of the young and mature plants to die.  I thought about how he cared for nothing except satisfying his voracious appetite.  I ran after him with my umbrella and I threw branches and rocks at him.  I yelled for the night guard to come help me and he came running with a light and a big stick making this thief go away from my beloved gardens back to his area. This watchman made special care not to let the thief/destroyer get back to my garden, but he also made sure the thief didn't go to other gardens close by.
The next week, we neighbors decided that we must be better prepared for the next invasion.  One lady said she was going to keep boiling water handy to throw on him.  I decided I was going to buy a catapult (a rubber tire slingshot) and practice until I could hit a target and keep some small rocks handy that I could shoot at him when he came again.  Other neighbors decided to make their fences stronger.  The watchman said he would be especially mindful of strange noises in the garden areas.   My gardener put up thorn branches by the weakened area of the grass fence.  We are all in battle with this bull.
Spiritually, I wonder if I am as concerned about the real devil devouring the weak and defenseless new believers as I am about getting that bull out of my garden so he won't eat my delicious vegetables.  Am I getting ready spiritually to do battle in the darkness?  Am I getting my weaponry ready for another night attack?  Do I even care that the adversary is out there prowling around waiting to devour and destroy anyone (especially the weak) with whom he comes in contact?  I want to be looking for signs and noises that he is near and prowling.  Do I have a spiritual watchman around to help me with the alert and attack on the enemy?  Is my Christian community willing to use their weapons for spiritual warfare and put up barriers and defenses to keep the evil one out?
My little garden in the bush is precious to me!  How much more precious are the little ones who believe in Jesus!
Blessings from the little house with the carefully watched garden in the Bush, 
Cindy Robinson